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Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to use tags in post for bloggers.

Posted by Nirazo Malla on 1:49 PM

SSome useful mark up tag for bloggers that may help you to simplify your post.As we do in MS-Word, We can modify the words as we like such as making text Bold, Italic, Underlined, having quotation marks etc.

  • The very first thing which we need to keep in mind is to keep the tags in lowercase.

  • The tags that we used must be in proper order or nested properly. Lets have example of bold and paragraph tag.
    Incorrect way: <p><b>My name is Nirazz.</p></b>. Here <b> tag at first is inside but later on it is in last so this is not
    well organized.
    The correct way is <p><b>My name is Nirazz.</b></p>

  • To make the text bold use <b> tag in the beginning and </b> at the end of your text such as <b>Love</b> will be Love.

  • <p> and </p> tags are used for paragraph. It is also used to make double space between two paragraphs. Just check it out.

    Just a paragraph:
    <p>My name is Nirazz Malla.
    I live in Pokhara.</p> And result is

    My name is Nirazz Malla.
    I live in Pokhara.

    Having double space:
    <p>My name is Nirazz Malla.</p>
    <p>I live in Pokhara.</p>
    And result is:

    My name is Nirazz Malla.

    I live in Pokhara.

  • If there is opening tag then we must have close tag too. Sometime if there is not closing tag then we use backslash at the end of the opening tag to close the particular tag such as: <img src='link of image' alt='name of imae' />

  • <br /> tag is used to break the line in the paragraph such as
    <My name is <br />Nirazz</p>
    And the result is:

    My name is

  • <i> Your Text </i> to make the text Italic Style such as Nirazz

  • <ins> Your Text </ins> or <u> Your Text </u> to make the text underlined such as Nirazz

  • <del> Yout Text </del> to make a strikethrough line to indicate the text or words has been deleted from the passage such as This is testing sentence.

  • <sub>Your Text</sub> and <sup>Your Text</sup> are used mainly in chemical terms in science and exponents in Maths. such as H2O and x2y2.

  • To use some Entities in the posts of the blog like < or >, copyright symbol(©), non-breaking space, quotation marks (") or Exclamation sign (!)
    For non-breaking space use &nbsp;
    For less than sign use &lt; or &#60;
    For greater than sign use &gt; or &#62;
    For quotation Marks use &quot; or &#34;
    For Copyright symble use &copy; or &#169
    For Exclamation sign use &#33;

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